“I realized all the writing I love lives in the gray area”.  -Marti Noxon

Living life in the gray…

I have always been bold with a pension for expression and words.  Let me give you a scopic view into the mind of a female who lives life on her terms,  the joy, struggle, pain, and beauty.

Welcome to a new era of honest content, liable to piss you off, make you laugh, warm you, or drop tears. Fantasy and reality twisted in a beautiful knot of crazy.

This is content for real people, meeting you where you’re at.

This is an area of freedom.  Send me your best work, your stories, share with me.

Princess Ancilla




“….. your writing is hauntingly sad and well spoken. Every word as nobody else was in your shoes.”  Victoria Owens, Lebanon NH


“The article was great. Though I disagree with demographic being the issue as far as the post incident scenario. I think mostly procedure and lack of law enforcement presence to more adequately facilitate the process of getting you all out of there. Plus the whole parking lot was a crime scene and with 6-7 shots fired they are not going to let anyone take their vehicles where there could be evidence of some sort. However, demographics definitely played a part and still are playing a part in the post incident rumor mill. Again great article. You are an amazing and insightful writer. And being banned for life is a bullshit move.” Jesse McNamara, Claremont NH